M Zavogiannibis T8594

Marianna Zavogianni

Year 2 Eagles Teaching Assistant

Marianna was born and raised in the beautiful city of Athens, Greece. In 2017 she obtained her degree in Philology and Linguistics from the University of Athens, Greece and a diploma of piano performance from the music conservatory of Athens. In the summer of 2017, she travelled to Finland to start her joint MSc degree in Clinical Linguistics; she continued her studies in the Netherlands, and spent the second year of her MSc in Potsdam, Germany. In late August of 2019, she moved to charming Budapest to pursue her PhD. In her PhD, she developed a music intervention programme to support the reading ability of Hungarian children with dyslexia. Apart from conducting research, Marianna has taught various classes in both primary and secondary school, as well as at university level. Specifically, she has been a tutor of music for primary school students, as well as tutor for ‘Latin’ and ‘Ancient Greek’ for secondary school students, preparing them for the national entrance to university exams. Additionally, Marianna has taught in 3 secondary schools in Athens, Greece; there, she taught Greek Literature, History and modern Greek. Finally, she has given several lectures on topics, such as Language Development and Music Psychology and taught her own course for BA and MA students of Speech Therapy and Psychology respectively. When Marianna is not at Britannica, she is usually at home doing PhD work or goes out for walks; during her free time, she loves listening to music, watching fantasy movies (Harry Potter fan here!) or reading books. Marianna is excited to join the wonderful team of Britannica! As the teaching assistant for Year 2 Eagles, she will try her very best to attend to every child’s need and offer them the necessary support to grow within the school community.