Nadine Marchesebis T8567

Nadine Marchese

Year 4 Kahlo Class Teacher

BA (Hons) in Primary Education with QTS, BGU Lincoln.

Nadine’s family is originally from the Derby area of England, but her father was in the Royal Air Force, so she has never actually lived there. They moved around her entire childhood and she mostly only remembers living in Scotland, Germany and Stamford in England, where her parents finally settled.

Nadine has two children of her own, who are now adults, and four step children. She loves all things furry (except spiders!!) and she has four small dogs, who travel the world with her.

Nadine went into teaching later in life and left a job to go back to university and gain her qualifications, while her children were in school. After teaching in England for several years, she chose to explore further afield and left the cold and wet of England behind for the sunny climate of Dubai. Here she worked for several years in a school that linked International School education with Arabic education, and worked alongside some great Arabic teachers. While in Dubai Nadine met and married her husband, an American who was there with work. This led her on further travels, as his company moved them across the world. First to Mozambique in East Africa and then to Houston in the United States of America. In each place Nadine taught at International Schools and her love for exploring new places and cultures only grew stronger. As you can imagine, she is very excited to be exploring once again, this time in Budapest, Hungary.