Nonjabulo Mchunubis T8649

Nonjabulo Mchunu

Y7B Tutor, Teacher of English

BA (Hons) English Language and Literature MA/MSc Central European Education

Nonjabulo also known as Miss. Happiness is from sunny tropical Durban, South Africa. She has spent the past 4 years teaching in International schools, specifically in Turkey and Germany. She dedicates two weeks to volunteering every summer to various organizations to pay it forward.
She values and places importance on her student's mental health and well-being. If she thought everything was hopeless, she wouldn't be a teacher. She is passionate about project-based learning approaches to teaching English and literature infused with creativity. Outside of school, Nonjabulo enjoys hiking, running, photography, Netflix, and shopping in that order. She looks forward to inspiring, engaging, and guiding young minds in Britannica to tap into their full potential.