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Rob Riddell

Business Studies Teacher

Rob grew up in the North East England in a town between Durham and Newcastle named Consett. Consett was once world famous for it's iron and steel manufacturing industry. After completing his degree at the University of Newcastle, Rob moved to Thailand and taught English as a second language for a couple of years, before returning to the UK and completing his teacher training. After this he worked in a local school for three years before taking a job in Oman. Unfortunately due to the pandemic he spent that full year teaching online from the UK due to global travel restrictions. After this Rob took up a job working in corporate sales and recruitment for a PLC for around two and a half years. He got a lot out of the experience but missed the classroom, and making a difference to peoples lives through education. Therefore he decided to return to teaching. In his spare time Rob loves enjoys trying new foods and cooking, singing with his guitar, and learning about history. Already he is finding in Hungary that there are lots of new exciting things to eat. His favorite time of the day is lunchtime.