Bis T8613

Sophie Hopson

Year 3 Kolodko Class Teacher

Sophie grew up in a small village in the South East of England, and ever since she was young she has always had dreams of being a teacher. Sophie went to Roehampton University and had a lot of classroom experience within the diverse and bustling London. During this time, she experienced many different cultures, languages and people. This led to her wanting to see the many different people and cultures around the world. Sophie first started teaching back in her home town, where she taught at a school where thinking skills were at the forefront of their education. In 2022, Sophie got the opportunity to start her international teaching adventure, where she worked a year in the beautiful country of Albania. She enjoys travelling and her favourite city in the world happened to be Budapest! Sophie is excited to continue her international teaching journey in Budapest and at Britannica, it just seems the perfect fit!