To help make your child's first day at the Britannica as exciting as possible, we've collated this checklist. This means you can focus on getting that 'first-day photograph', rather than worrying about whether or not you've packed the right footwear.

Click on the relevant school section below to get a list of everything you need to bring. We've also included some general recommendations to make your child's first day run as smoothly as possible.

Primary Essentials

What to bring on the first day of Primary School

We hope you and your child are excited about joining our wonderful Primary school community. A world of learning and laughter awaits.

In order for your child to have the best possible first day, there are few things you can prepare. We provide all learning resources, including exercise books and writing equipment. However, there are a few things your child will need on their first day and beyond, which should be clearly LABELLED with their name:

  • Uniform - please make sure your child comes in their uniform every day. You can read about and purchase uniforms from the Uniform page.
  • School bag - which should be big enough to hold A4 paper.
  • Pencil case (optional) -  stationery will be provided by the school.
  • Snack box - containing healthy, nut-free snacks for the morning and/or afternoon. (Students in classes up to and including Year 3 receive a daily morning snack provided by the school) Please do NOT bring NUTS because of allergies of other students. We are a NUT free school.
  • Water bottle - containing fresh water (no fizzy drinks, sweet juices or sugary energy drinks).
  • Indoor shoes - to be kept at school for wearing inside the classroom. Shoes should be black, dark blue or brown.
  • PE bag - to keep the PE Kit, towel, swimming cap, goggles, slippers, etc in as needed.
  • Painting apron - such as an old long-sleeved shirt.
  • A change of clothes - including undergarments, to be kept at school, just in case it is required. This is especially important for Key Stage 1 students in Years 1 and 2.

In addition to the above, Key Stage 2 students should also bring:

  • Laptop or suitable tablet with a keyboard (in line with our BYOD policy) - ensuring that it is fully charged.
  • Metal mathematical compass - for students in Year 5 and 6.

We are keen to encourage independence, so please allow your child to pack and carry their own bags.

Secondary Essentials

What to bring on the first day of Secondary School

We are delighted that your child will be joining our thriving Secondary school for this crucial time in their educational journey. A Britannica education will set them on the best possible path, enabling them to explore their passions and fulfil their potential.

The school provides all the school books and exercise books for all students. These will be given to students by their teachers in the first week of lessons. However, there are several items that our Secondary students will need to bring with them on their first day and beyond:

  • Uniform - please make sure your child comes in their uniform every day. You can read about and purchase uniforms from the Uniform page. (Whilst there is no uniform in Sixth Form, our Year 12 and 13 students are still expected to follow the dress code as per the guidance.)
  • Laptop - in line with our BYOD policy, we don't have specific requirements on what your portable device should be (laptop, netbook, Macbook, etc) as long as it has a keyboard.
  • Fully equipped pencil case - including mathematical equipment such as a metal compass, protractor and scientific calculator. Compasses and calculators can be purchased from the Mathematics department at school.
  • Locker Key - Secondary students are allocated a locker. You are welcome to bring your own mini padlock and key if you wish your locker to be locked.
  • Water bottle - containing fresh water (no fizzy drinks, sweet juices or sugary energy drinks).
  • You may also wish to send you child to school with a snack, or a small amount of pocket money to purchase something from the canteen tuck shop at break time. Please do NOT bring NUTS because of allergies of other students. We are a NUT free school.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions ahead of your first day with us, allowing you to start school armed with a better understanding of how things work here at Britannica.

Shall I pack lunch or snacks for my child?

School lunch is included in the tuition fees, so your child will receive a warm meal at lunch time.

Up to and including Year 3 will also receive a morning snack. For Years 4 and above, you may wish to pack a healthy morning snack.

Please prepare an afternoon snack in a suitable snack box for your child, and a filled water bottle. Secondary students can also purchase snacks in the canteen tuck shop if they wish.

When can I get our entry cards?

Your entry card will be ready within two weeks of your start date, if it is the beginning of the academic year. At other times, it will be within one week of starting.

You will receive one student entry card and one parent one. Please use your cards every time you enter or leave the school. Should you need replacement cards, you can contact the School Office.

What time shall we arrive in the morning?

Morning registration starts at 8:20am each day. On your first day, you should be here by 8:15 at the latest.

Early Arrivals

  • Primary students that arrive early in the morning can wait on the playground.
  • Secondary students can make their way to their classrooms.
What time can I collect my child?

The school day finishes at 15:30 in the afternoon.

There is a late pick up option available until 17:00. Please arrive on time to collect your child.

Our Extra Curricular Activities and Clubs are available from 15:30 - you will receive further details about all the ECA options at the start of each Term.

My child is unwell and cannot come to school. How do I let the school know?

Please contact your Class Teacher or Form Tutor via email if your child is ill and cannot come to school.

In the email please also copy our School Office at

Where can I find information about school holidays?

Please note that our academic year is 365 days long and begins on the first day of the school year and ends on the last day before the next school year begins.

How can I get my Gmail and Canvas accounts?

Our IT department will prepare your accounts for you and your child, and your Class Teacher or Form Tutor will share your logins with you.

At the beginning of the academic year, due to the volume of new starters, this may take a few days. During the school year, the turnaround will be much quicker.

Where can I purchase a school tie?

If your child is in Secondary School, they will need a school tie as part of their winter uniform.

School ties can be purchased from the School Office for 6.000HUF.

Primary School students wear polo shirts, so school ties are not required as part of their school uniform.

Is there a school bus service?

Yes, our families are offered the services of Premier School Bus, an independent transportation provider. Please contact them directly for latest information on bus routes, pick up points, prices and information.

Where can I find the current tuition fees?

Our current school fees are available below. If you have any questions regarding fees or payment, please contact our Finance Team directly.

Who should I notify if I want to leave the school?

If you see that your time at Britannica is coming to an end, please contact our Admissions Team to let us know about your family's departure.

Please note, there is a 90 days' notice policy here at Britannica, that means you need to let us know 90 days before you leave in order to avoid any financial penalty. This also allows time for the school to find a replacement student.