Get involved with student life here at Britannica!

Through the years, Britannica has built a reputation as being a family-oriented school. While supporting your children, we are keen to support you as parents too.

We understand how challenging it can be, particularly if you are just moving to Hungary for the first time, and we are keen to help both you and your children settle as quickly as possible.

We pride ourselves on our welcoming community, in which we respect the international diversity of our families and encourage a global outlook from a young age. We work in partnership with our parents to provide the very best education for each of our students.

Whether you come along to one of our coffee mornings, participate in an interactive parent workshop, volunteer at a school event or become a member of our Parent School Association (PSA), we promise that the time you give to the school will be worth your while—and lots of fun too!

What it means to be on the PTA

[Our PTA is extremely important to us as parents play a key role in the development of our school's social activities. It helps parents and teachers work together for the best possible outcomes for the school community. This is achieved through parents:]

  • [helping new and prospective parents learn about our school]
  • [assisting with learning activities and trips]
  • [helping new families settle in through an inclusive social network]
  • [generating ideas for school and community social events]
  • [then helping organise them!]
  • [organising workshops which promote engagement with education]
  • [working with partners such as 'Caring for the Community' (C4C)]

Getting Involved

Coffee Mornings

[We hold a Coffee Morning on the first Friday of every month. All parents are invited to join the Principal and the PTA Committee to discuss and learn more about specific school topics, activities, and initiatives. These can be anything from sports to online safety. It's a great way to learn more about what's going on at school and to have your say on the topics that matter to you.]


[Classlist is the official community platform for the BISB PTA which is GDPR compliant, placing extremely high importance on privacy. When new children enroll at the school, parents are invited to join.]

[With Classlist, you can connect with other parents in your children's classes, choosing how much you want to share and how you want to receive notifications. You can also join groups and meet other parents who speak your language or enjoy similar interests. If there isn't a group already set up, as a PTA member, you're free to set one up yourself.]

[It's a great platform for sharing news of community events, and sending party invitations. There's also a marketplace for sharing clothes, books, toys etc. ]

Activities for Parents

[PTA activities have flourished over the years and they get stronger the more parents engage. Here are some groups parents have been able to join:]

  • [English Booster: great if you feel your English could do with a boost. Qualified PTA parents and teachers from the school run these classes.]

  • [Discover Doha: if you're new to Budapest or Hungary in general this is a great way to discover its beauty. Previous trips include: boating on Bled, walking the Vintgar Gorge, and riding bikes around the Pot Ob Žici Remembrance Walk.]

  • [Šmarna Gora: regular morning hikes up this iconic hill, just outside Ljubljana. This activity ticks a lot of boxes, beauty, cardio, and some new friends to boot.]

  • [Pilates, Yoga and Fit Club for Parents. If you prefer your exercise on flat ground.]

  • [Skiing and Snowboarding on Krvavec: pure bliss. Enjoy some mid-week sunshine on your face, while perfecting your skills. There's a piste just 30 minutes away]

  • [Book Club: share your love of reading.]

  • [Foodies: share inside knowledge of the best local gems, specialties, and of course, recipes.]

  • [New Families: a welcome to your new community]

[Not all PTA activities are off-site. Here are some of the ways you can help pupils in school.]

  • [assisting with reading, or even exercise;]

  • [helping prepare for special events like Christmas, World Book Day, or International Day.]

  • [helping in the library;]

  • [Liaising between teachers and parents as a Class Representative]

  • [Getting involved in school trips]

[It's been proven that having parents actively involved in their child’s school life has a lasting, positive effect on their child's development and learning. It also helps build a sense of community for ex-pats and around the school. This is essential for everyone to feel happy and rooted in their new life.]

[So being actively involved in the PTA means that you can not only help your child, and other children flourish at school, but you can get the most out of life in Budapest. Because hey, who doesn’t want to enjoy the best local restaurants and a touch of skiing? ]

[Events in a typical year in the life of the PTA:]

  • [Welcome Picnic]

  • [Christmas Market]

  • [Evening Social Events - Party!]

  • [World Book Day]

  • [International Day]

  • [Halloween Celebrations]

[If you wish to take a role in the PTA, volunteer for school events, or if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact the PTA at] [Email Address]

Community Directory

[We are excited to share with you our revised Community Directory of useful businesses recommended by members of our community. This will be available for everyone to access, updated regularly, and shared with new families upon their arrival.]