Upon enrolment, you are welcome to contact our School Office to apply for a Hungarian Student ID Card for your child.

How can I obtain my child's Student ID Card?
  • Firstly, you need to complete a NEK data sheet, which you can get from the Registration Office in your district.
  • When going to your Registration Office, don’t forget to take your and your child’s valid passport, residence permit, address card and, if your child is under 14, they must be accompanied by parents as well.
  • Once you get your NEK data sheet, please send it to contact@britannicaschool.hu together with a copy of your ID/passport, address card and residence permit.
  • Your printed student ID card will be sent to the school and you will be informed once it has arrived.
What is a Student ID Card good for?
  • With your student ID card, you are entitled to student discounts on public transport, theatres, cinemas, museums and more.
  • Student ID cards are also used as an official identification document in Hungary.
If your child turns 16 during this academic year, or is already 16 and has a student ID card...
  • Once your child turns 16 years old, the student ID card is only valid with an academic year sticker!
  • Before your child’s 16th birthday, they must come to the School Office for a sticker for their student ID card.
  • Old stickers must be exchanged annually at the School Office in October as the sticker is only valid until the 31st of October each year.