If you are new to Hungary then we understand that school plays a central role in your new life.

We want to help you and your family settle in as quickly as possible so you can start enjoying your new life in Budapest.

As a new parent, you'll likely be keen to connect with other Britannica parents. An easy way to do this is by following our fabulous Britannica Budapest Parents group on Facebook!

Another good group to be a part of on social media is the Expat Moms and Dads in Budapest group on Facebook. Lot's of family related advice, questions, tips, events and ideas to help families make the most of all that beautiful Budapest has to offer.

Similarly, if you are looking for local news, upcoming events and networking opportunities in town, the Xpatloop website is a very useful resource.

Britannica Family Top Tips

Best Playgrounds in the city

Anna rét - Normafa

Located in Britannica's district, Normafa is one of the most popular green getaway spots for families, which has seen some brilliant developments in the last couple of years. From the final stop of the number 21 bus, a canopy paths leads through the trees to Anna rét, home to a great playground with climbing frames, slides, a children’s train, swings and springy animals. There are various cafés and restaurants nearby, as well as hiking trails and lookout points for you to enjoy as a family.

Cerka-Firka - Gellért Hill

With beautiful views over Budapest and the Danube, this 50-year-old playground has recently undergone a fantastic transformation. The playground includes fun climbing equipment, swings and a sandpit, but your children will undoubtedly get the most entertainment out of the plethora of slides - short ones, long ones, winding ones, straight ones and more!

Top Tip: in hot weather, it's best to visit Cerka-Firka in the morning, as the metal slides can get too hot in the sunshine.

Olympia Park - Inner City

Located in the 5th district along the Danube, this playground is a well maintained favourite among both expat and local families. Gates for peace of mind, this park houses fun play equipment, water features, as well as grass areas for picnics or a family game of badminton for example, as well as a basketball court and ping pong tables.

Pólós Playground - Margaret Island

Margaret island in itself offers great recreational space for families, with the lido, musical fountain, petting zoo and Japanese garden, but the Pólós playground located next to the Hajós Alfréd Sports Pool has been a great addition since 2017. Hidden in the shade of ancient trees, you’ll find a play castle, slides, climbing frames, springy features and a sandpit to entertain the little ones.

City Park Playground - Városliget

Budapest's largest playground really offers something for everyone. Easily accessible and suitable for all ages, featuring a giant hot air balloon climbing frame and a speedometer slide, alongside other exhilarating climbing, spinning and swinging equipment, as well as a collection of quirky stones that blow steam!  For parents, you'll find a café that offers delicious sandwiches, coffees, ice cream and a daily menu. The Zoo, Városliget Ice Rink, the Circus, and Széchényi Baths are all within walking distance.

Top Family Attractions in Budapest

Budapest Zoo

This family favourite features hundreds of animal species, interactive attractions, educational shows, a fun playground and various places to grab some refreshments. Budapest Zoo now also incorporates some of the historic elements of the old amusement park, and developments are well underway for further expansion. More information and tickets here.


MiniPolisz is a family fun center designed to offer children the ultimate “grownup experience”. On over 30 stations kids can become little vets, firefighters, policemen, shopkeepers, bank tellers, car mechanics and even rock stars! This activity complex is built as a kid-sized city with all the necessary infrastructure so that youngsters can learn about how the world works while playing with other children or their parents. Definitely worth a visit! More information and tickets here.


Residents of this spectacular aquatic zoo include sharks, alligators, exotic reptiles and amphibians, little monkeys, birds, and thousands of colorful fish species. You can marvel at the sharks and underwater species from inside a glass tunnel, have fun in the stingray petting zoo, or withstand the storm in the tropical rainforest every 15 minutes. Don't miss the shark feedings that take place on Thursdays at 14:30! More information and tickets here.

Palace of Wonders - Csodák Palotája

A giant hands-on playhouse filled with 100s of STEAM-themed games and displays, CSOPA allows kids to learn about science in an entertaining, interactive way. All exhibit descriptions are also available in English. Perfect for a rainy day! More information and tickets here.


This brilliant indoor playground offers a huge play area and unique games to encourage active play for the entire family, as most game elements can be used by adults too, so you can all play together. This park is also a popular spot for birthday parties and other group celebrations! More information and tickets here.


Located just outside of the city near the Hungaroring circuit, this complex includes a waterpark, hotel and spa - guaranteed fun and relaxation in all seasons for the whole family. Water slides, outdoor and indoor pools, a children's pool, saunas, as well as a special playhouse for the children. More information and tickets here.


The largest trampoline park in Central Europe offers endless bouncy entertainment for the whole family - with trampoline tracks, a sponge pool, climbing wall, slackline, dodgeball court, and the all-time favourite Ninja Warrior track. Top Tip: this may be most suitable for teenagers and adults, but children under the age of 10 are also allowed in on weekends if accompanied by their parents. More information and tickets here.

Skanzen Village Museum Szentendre

An open air museum just an hour from Budapest, this quaint village gives visitors a chance to learn about rural Hungarian life in a playful way. Kids can try various handicrafts, learn about the past ways of life, or marvel at the wildlife in the local mini-zoo. More information and tickets here.

Palatinus Baths

Located in the heart of the city on Margaret Island, this lido is a sprawling aquatic complex that offers both indoor & outdoor thermal baths, swimming pools, a wave pool and all kinds of funky water slides; you can even take surf lessons! Open year-round, during the Holiday season for example the lido is transformed into a winter wonderland of magical Christmas lights. More information and tickets here.

Fellini Bistro Romai Part

Romai part is a wonderfully tranquil family spot, right along the Danube. While parents enjoy a drink at Fellini bistro relaxing on the lounge chairs, the children can play care-free along the beach - perfect for a game of skipping stones. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even rent SUPs or canoes for a meander along the river! Location and bistro opening times here.

Veresegyház Bear Farm

Just a short trip from the capital, this wildlife sanctuary is home to many bears, wolves, coaties, raccoons and a couple of cheeky llamas and goats. The preserve was set up to allow visitors to observe the animals in their natural habitats where they can roam freely in their enclosures without being disturbed. More information and tickets here.

12th District To-Do List

Aptly called the 'mountain province', the beautiful XII. district of Budapest, characterised by decorative hillsides and vast green areas, is home to Britannica International School too. For families, this is a great recreational area, within easy access to the city.


Normafa is one of the most popular hiking destinations for locals and tourists alike, with a newly refurbished running track, various forest trails, playgrounds and gorgeous views over the city from the top. In the winter, Normafa is an excellent spot for some fun sledging in the snow too!

Children's Railway

The Children’s Railway runs year round to a seasonal schedule, chugging past some of the most popular places for excursion in the Buda Hills. This fantastic memento is considered a unique attraction and the longest of such narrow-gauge railway lines in the world, operated almost entirely by children! 

Zugliget Chairlift

A trip on the Libegő (Chairlift) is a unique experience, offering a roughly 15-minute journey up the side of János Hill with panoramic views over the city. It is definitely worth a trip, regardless of whether you have a special date to celebrate or just looking for a relaxing way to spend the day.

János Hill Lookout Point

Perched atop the highest apex of Budapest, János Hill rises 527 meters above sea level and its lookout tower is a delightful reward for anyone who makes it up this far! Built in 1910 and renovated during the 2000s, the tower comprises of a 100-step spiral staircase with views stretching as far as 80 kilometres on a clear day. You can get here via the Chairlift or the Children's Railway, but prepare for a good 10-minute uphill climb!

Szamos Szépkilátás Patisserie

Located at the Svábhegy stop of the cogwheel railway, this adorably quaint, old-fashioned patisserie offers delicious treats as part of the famous Hungarian Szamos marzipan network, with a wide selection of coffees, cakes and bonbons, as well as sweet and savoury nibbles, year-round.

Healthcare & Pharmacies

Private Clinics & Hospitals

Many expats make use of the various private clinics and hospitals around Budapest, which guarantee high-quality medical service environments and personnel who speak English. Below are some of the most reputable of such institutions in the city.


Address: 1015 Budapest, Hattyú u. 14, 5th Floor

Website: firstmed.hu

Dr Rose Private Hospital

Address: 1051 Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 7/8

Website: drrose.hu

Rózsakert Medical Center

Address: 1026 Budapest, Gábor Áron u. 74-78

Website: rmc.hu

Buda Health Center

Address: 1126 Budapest, Királyhágó u. 3

Website: bhc.hu

Wáberer Medical Center

Address: 1123 Budapest, Alkotás u. 55- 61

Website: wmc.hu

Maternity Private Clinic

Address: 1126 Budapest, Királyhágó tér 8

Website: maternity.hu


Pharmacies are a plenty around the city, and you'll find them in most shopping malls too. A few of them offer 24 hour service: 

Déli Gyógyszertár 

Address: 1123 Budapest, Alkotás u. 1/B

Phone: +361 355 4691

Őrmezei Központi Gyógyszertár

Address: 1112 Budapest, Balatoni út 2/a

Phone: +361 793 5590

Teréz Gyógyszertár

Address: 1067 Budapest, Teréz krt. 41

Phone: +361 311 4439

Real Estate

If you are looking to rent, or purchase, a home here in Hungary, here are some popular sites and contacts you might wish to consider:


Public Transport

Budapest has an extensive and fairly efficient public transport system. Ticket and pass sales, journey planning and traffic-related information are to be found in one, easily-manageable app, which we highly recommend for all families, called BudapestGO.


If you are planning on driving around the city, you'll no doubt come across needing to pay for public parking on the streets of Budapest. The VOXPay app will be a huge help for you in this! You will need to create an account on the app, which is super easy to do, and you'll never need to worry about having enough change on you, or sending an SMS to the correct telephone number. You can even buy a highway vignette using this app, and it will remind you when the validity is coming to an end.


If you are looking for a reliable, affordable and efficient service through which you can plan a trip and get around the city fast, Bolt can be your go-to taxi app. The app even gives you a cost estimate of the journey, so you don't need to worry about being scammed by the driver.

Cycling & Scooting

If you're looking for more environmentally friendly ways to explore the city or take a quick trip to the shops, Lime and similar electric scooter apps are very popular here in Budapest, as is the cycling alternative, MOLBubi.

Community Food Map

We have created an amazing interactive map from the recommendations of our community of parents and staff at Britannica of some of the best international and local restaurants and eateries in Budapest - be sure to check it out and add your own recommendations too!

Britannica Budapest Museums App

Three of our amazing Sixth Form students took their Discovery Day project even further by coding an app to provide useful information about various museums in and around Budapest, obtaining their Apple Developer license, and successfully launching their app on the App Store!